Tips on Hiring Top Light Industrial Talent

The labor market has gotten tight for light industrial talent. This creates tricky conditions for hiring new workers. You’ll need to update your recruitment process to get the best light industrial employees you can.

The post-COVID reopening has put all workers in high demand. The unusual market factors have put the squeeze on manufacturers of all kinds, giving a substantial boost to wages in the sector.

To compete, you need to have the best-possible hiring process. The system you create should locate the workers you need and convince them to join your organization — hopefully without destroying your profit margins in the process.

How can you make that happen? Here are a few tips to upgrade your hiring for light industrial talent:

Define the skills you need most

What workers would fit your company best? Answering this question will let you target your efforts. Here are a few steps you should consider:

  • Create a checklist: Make a formal list of the skills you need. This will help you write job descriptions and focus your recruiting.
  • Look for technical skills: Put technical requirements at the top of your “must have” list. This will let you narrow the list of applicants to the most qualified candidates.
  • Don’t forget soft skills: Technical skills are crucial, but there are other abilities to consider as well. Think about soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Enhance the screening process

Learn as much as you can about each candidate. Create an enhanced screening process that gives you a total picture of each applicant. By doing so, you can separate the best prospects from the pack.

However, you need to be efficient about the process. Use online tools and short screening interviews to save time and money as you work through your heightened recruitment procedures.

Get creative about recruiting

To find the best talent, you might need to widen your horizons and search in some unexpected places. Of course, you still want to go through the usual process of posting job descriptions on the typical high-volume employment sites. But you also need to supplement this with some more creative tactics.

Here are a few possibilities to consider:

  • Specialized job sites: Many professions have niche sites dedicated to those specialties. If you need a specific light industrial talent, you might check out those sources.
  • Local job sites: Besides the national brands, there may be job sites dedicated to your area. You might have luck with one of those.
  • Social media: You can find passive talent on social media, including light industrial workers.
  • Tap into your network: Talk to former employees or other contacts in the industry. You might uncover someone special looking for a new opportunity.

Involve your current employees

Your current employees can make great recruiters. They know the job well and can speak intelligently about the company. As such, they can pitch the position to friends or family looking for a job.

Ask your employees if they know of anyone interested in any positions you have open. You can also create an incentive structure, offering rewards for workers who recommend someone you end up hiring.

Use a recruiter

Expert guidance can help you find the perfect workers for your light industrial firm. You’ll tap into a vast pool of talent and select the skills you need to enhance your current staff.

A top staffing agency, like SmartTalent, can bring you the help you need to maximize your operations.

Contact SmartTalent today to learn more.


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