5 Reasons to Fill Resume Gaps with Temp Work!

Returning to work after a long absence comes with many challenges. It’s important to find ways to smooth the transition. Temp work offers an excellent chance to ease back into the labor market, letting you fill resume gaps and resurrect your career momentum.

Remember: you’re not alone. One study showed that nearly six in 10 workers (59%) have experienced some gap in their resumes. These can come through lengthy layoffs, time off to raise children or take care of sick relatives, personal health concerns, or any number of other reasons.

Whatever the cause, the initial re-entry can prove difficult. Employers often treat resume gaps with skepticism, considering it a red flag about a potential employee. As such, you start your job search behind some of your competition.

Temp work gives you an accelerated path back. A top staffing agency, like SmartTalent, can connect you with high-value assignments, giving you that first step back into the workforce. Turn to SmartTalent to find the perfect bridge back to the labor market.

Need more details about the value of temp work? Here are five reasons you should fill resume gaps with temporary assignments:

Ease Back into the Workforce

When you’re returning to the workforce after an absence, the transition can be difficult. You need to rearrange your life to fit a new work schedule. At the same time, your job-search skills might have become rusty, complicating your ability to land a job.

Turning to temp work can smooth out these wrinkles. Often, you can start your renewed professional journey with part-time assignments, easing the move back into the workforce. Meanwhile, you’ll get guidance and advice from your staffing partner to simplify your job search.

Find Jobs Quickly

Careers thrive on momentum. Employers give the most weight to your most recent work history. As such, once you get moving in the right direction, inertia can carry you forward to even better opportunities.

However, inertia works in the opposite way as well. Once you’re stalled, it’s hard to get started. Meanwhile, the longer resume gaps remain on your record, the longer your career will remain in neutral.

Coming out of a sizable professional absence, you can face a lengthy process of landing that first job back. A recruiter can shorten that distance, putting you into assignments quickly. Thus, your career receives the jumpstart it needs.

Connect with Top Employers

As you move back into the workforce, you want to start making the right connections. Beyond just bolstering your resume and solidifying your skill base, your long-term career development will get a boost from finding strong organizations.

These companies can accelerate your career. They can recognize your inherent talents, as well as your ongoing improvement, allowing you to add responsibilities over time. From there, you can transition from temp work to permanent staff positions and begin ascending the corporate ladder.

SmartTalent works with a long list of top employers. You’ll get introduced to excellent organizations, letting you jumpstart the latest phase of your career. Reach out to SmartTalent to find the right position for you.

Acquire Diverse Skills

The modern economy moves fast. If you’re out of the professional loop for a period of time, some basic skills get rusty or become obsolete. It’s important to catch up quickly, becoming proficient in the latest workplace collaboration and efficiency software, as well as any other competencies that have become important to current employers.

Temp positions give you the opportunity to freshen up your skills. You might face a learning curve in the early going. But these positions provide a chance to catch up and build a foundation to rebuild your career.

Build Your Network

Great organizations revolve around great people. As you receive temp placements with high-value employers, you also come into contact with the excellent staff members who work there. These can become mentors and friends, as well as connections in your professional network.

Ready to restart your career? SmartTalent represents an excellent partner for your return to the workforce.

Contact SmartTalent today to find the perfect assignments to start filling in your resume gaps.


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