Three Reasons to Trust SmartTalent with Your Hiring Needs in 2022

Scared by the uncertain job market heading into 2022? Want to optimize your hiring process so you can take advantage of the post-COVID opportunity? Trust SmartTalent with your hiring needs in 2022, and you’ll have the help you need to reach your highest potential.

A partnership with the right recruiter can streamline your team-building procedures. You can stay ahead of the competition in a tight labor market. SmartTalent can also find workers to slot into any need you have, letting you keep up with the surging demand that has accompanied the reopening of the economy following the pandemic.

How does this work? Well, here are three reasons to trust SmartTalent with your hiring needs in 2022:

Conduct Your Hiring Faster and Cheaper

According to Glassdoor, the average hiring process lasts about 24 days. That’s almost five weeks to fill an open position — a long time to wait with a critical role on your team.

At the same time, finding top candidates can become an expensive proposition. Sources differ about the average cost, but most studies estimate a figure of at least $4,000 to find an employee.

Teaming up with SmartTalent can help you on both fronts. You’ll shorten the time necessary to fill a position. In addition, you’ll cut the cash needed to secure a top candidate.

By leaning on SmartTalent’s expertise, you’ll have immediate access to a deep roster of talent. This will let you find the perfect fit for your organization. Moreover, you’ll get results as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Get Access to the Best Talent

The pandemic has dramatically changed the labor market. From a near shutdown in 2020 to a massive surge in demand, the conditions facing employers have confounded economists and created an unprecedented situation for you to untangle.

With the tightening labor market and rising wages, landing the best talent has rarely been more difficult. In 2022, you’ll need all the support you can get.

A partnership with SmartTalent makes this possible. You’ll get the support you need during one of the most unusual economic moments in modern memory. At the same time, you’ll get access to a deep reservoir of talent at a time when your competition will be struggling to find qualified workers.

Stay Focused on Your Business

Conducting a hiring process involves a massive undertaking. Gathering resumes, reviewing candidates, conducting interviews, and discussing the eventual hiring choice — a lot goes into filling each position.

We’ve already covered the dollar costs of this process. But there’s an opportunity cost as well. When you’re busy hiring people, you’re not busy running your business.

The resources committed to your recruitment plans get taken away from other projects. Given the added demands on your time, it gets harder to maintain your operational momentum and invest in longer-term innovation. As a result, you might be trimming your maximum growth rate by not being as efficient as possible in your hiring.

SmartTalent will help. By removing the time-consuming chores, you’ll have more time and effort to commit to higher-level projects. At the same time, you’ll get an influx of top-end talent to contribute to your longer-term plans.

Ready to upgrade your hiring process? Turn to SmartTalent. You’ll have the recruiting support you’ll need to win in 2022 and beyond.

Contact SmartTalent today to learn more.


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