Why You Should Job Search With a Recruiter vs. Online

You can find everything online these days. From food to products to romantic partners. But does that mean that the internet makes the best outlet for your job search? Not when you can work with a recruiter.

Sure, online resources have improved the job-search process in the past couple of decades. Searching through newspaper ads and mailing resumes has morphed into a simple search-and-submit process that has dramatically enhanced career development options for most workers.

Still, there are better ways. A recruiter provides additional value, letting you maximize your job search. Here’s how:

Find a Job Faster

Every second you are out of work can feel like an eternity. Your bank account is draining, and your stress levels are rising. Getting a suitable job quickly becomes a crucial goal.

With online searching, you could face a long haul. You might get lucky and find something quickly. But you’ve essentially entered a job lottery.

A recruiter takes some of the guesswork out of this process. You’ll gain access to companies currently looking for your skills, likely shortening the amount of time needed to locate a position.

Limit the Repetitive Chores

Online job searches come with a lot of drudgeries. You’re constantly filling out almost identical applications — answering the same questions and providing the same information over and over again.

A recruiter takes those repetitive chores off your to-do list. Applying to a single staffing agency is like instantly hitting “submit” on dozens of online applications.

Get a Personal Touch

Like all online activities, job searches can become lonely endeavors. Just you, a computer screen, and an internet full of strangers. A recruiter gives you a more personal way to approach the job market. You’ll have a person you can talk to about the process, easing your stress and giving you more confidence in the process.

Learn More about the Market

With this personal touch comes increased market insight. On your own, you’re stuck with an internet search as your best tool for learning about the job market and discovering which skills are in demand. A recruiter can provide this type of information, backed by years of industry experience and a direct connection to major employers.

Receive Access to “Secret” Job Postings

Not every open position makes it to an online posting. One study found that up to 80% of job listings never become public. If you stick to a web search, you’ll miss out on these opportunities.

A recruiter lets you tap into these “secret” job postings. When a company has a good relationship with a staffing agency, they will avoid the trouble and expense of a lengthy candidate search. Rather, they will turn to a recruiter to fill these positions. As a result, many of these jobs are only available by working with a recruiter.

Land a Better Position

The online versus recruiter debate boils down to a simple concept. Why go to a recruiter? Because that’s where the jobs are. Connecting with a staffing agency allows you to find a better position, giving your career a major boost.

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