It’s National Safety Month: Watch Out for These Common Workplace Hazards

Workplace accidents are probably more common than you think. Luckily, a few simple actions on your part can lower your risk. In tribute to National Safety Month, let’s look at some of the most common workplace hazards and how to avoid them.

The statistics on workplace accidents are staggering. The government said private employers reported 2.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2020, the most recent year for which there is data. Meanwhile, the National Safety Council puts the average number of total workplace injuries at 7 million per year.

Whatever the exact number, that leaves millions of people impacted by on-the-job accidents. A strong employer will do everything in their power to protect you. By turning to a top recruiter, like SmartTalent, you can partner with the most safety-conscious companies out there. In a further effort to bring down that number, here are some of the most common workplace hazards to watch out for:


Gravity is very dangerous. We don’t think about it much because it’s always there — but it’s also the force that sends the Earth whipping around the sun at nearly 70,000 miles an hour.

As such, take gravity seriously at work. This includes seemingly simple activities like climbing ladders. Also, look out for falling objects — another potential source of serious injury.


Working with electrical equipment requires added attention. One mistake can lead to a serious accident — and these events can occur extremely suddenly, giving you little chance to react in the moment.

To mitigate the danger, wear the proper equipment when working with electrical items. Shut down electrical equipment when making repairs. Also, follow proper lockout/tag-out procedures when appropriate.

Hazardous Materials

Many of the same rules that apply to electrical threats can carry over to hazardous materials, like chemicals. While the specifics differ based on the type of substance, many of the same basic precautions will help keep you safe:

  • Wear proper PPE
  • Follow designated procedures
  • Heed warnings and signage

Heavy Machinery

Falls represent the most common workplace injury in fields like construction. However, next on the list comes a category that government regulators describe as “struck by an object” — typically involving the use of heavy equipment.

The government estimates that about 75% of workplace struck-by deaths involve heavy machinery. As such, it’s important to stay mindful around dangerous equipment, like trucks, cranes, and forklifts.

Careless Coworkers

Generally speaking, the folks around you help you get your job done. However, in some cases, they become sources of danger as well. Careless or rushed coworkers can create a safety hazard for you — and everyone else around them.

As such, look for employers that value a safety culture, making sure that everyone looks out for everyone else’s wellbeing. SmartTalent can connect you with these safety-first employers. Turn to SmartTalent to build a career in firms with the right vision to protect you.

However, it’s not just about companies and coworkers. You need to do what you can to feed into a culture of safety. Do this by following safety rules and avoid becoming a threat to those around you.

Repetitive Motion

We often think of workplace hazards in terms of traumatic accidents – events like falling objects or deadly electrocutions. However, some damage is done almost imperceptibly over time.

Data suggest that repetitive motion injuries represent up to three-quarters of nonfatal workplace injuries. As such, it’s important to stay alert. Consider ergonomic solutions and take steps to limit the strain on your body.


Physical injury isn’t the only potential harm you can suffer at work. You need to watch your mental health as well. Stress can build up, leading to physical symptoms. Stay aware of the effects of stress and take the necessary steps to minimize its impact.

Safety represents a total-organizational commitment. Protecting your health means finding an employer who serves as a partner in the effort. A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, will find you locate companies that place a priority on worker safety.

Contact SmartTalent today to learn more.


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