Top 7 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Job Search

Getting a job is difficult in the best of circumstances. One study found that the chances of getting hired for any particular job sits near one in 100 — 1.2% to be exact. Given these already thin odds, it’s crucial to avoid any mistakes that would further undermine your ability to land your ideal position.

However, a perfect job search is almost impossible to pull off. All job candidates have made errors that have tanked one opportunity or another. Don’t feel bad if it’s happened to you. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and improve for next time.

It helps to have an expert in your corner. A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, can refine your technique and improve your skills as a candidate. Contact SmartTalent to get the most out of your next job search.

Beyond that, there are other ways to upgrade your job-search skills. You can pinpoint common mistakes and take the steps necessary to eliminate them. Here are a few common errors to keep in mind:

Looking for the Wrong Job

Are you sure you’re seeking out the right positions? Before investing significant time and effort into a job search, take a close look at the situation. Understand your skills and the overall market. From there, you can target your efforts to land the perfect jobs for you.

Not Running a Broad Enough Job Search

Job searches often fall into a routine. You end up checking the same sites over and over, unconsciously limiting the scope of your effort. At the same time, you eventually run out of obvious opportunities. When this happens, you need to expand your search.

Get creative about your process. Try new approaches, such as:

  • Niche job sites
  • Social media
  • Targeting specific companies

Undervaluing Your Network

A large portion of career opportunities come through networking. If you’re not routinely reaching out to your contacts, you’re missing out on a huge part of the job search process.

Don’t think of networking as a one-time event. In other words, don’t just touch base with your contacts at the start of a job search and forget about them if you don’t get an immediate nibble. Rather, engage in a long-running conversation throughout the process. You never know when the perfect situation will appear.

Submitting a Suboptimal Resume

A resume should highlight your top qualities as a candidate. This involves more than just listing your skills and work history. The structure of the document and the precise wording matter.

It helps to get expert advice. SmartTalent can provide guidance for every step of the job-search process. Connect with SmartTalent for the support you need to find your ideal position.

Not Honing Your Interview Skills

A job interview represents a crucial turning point in the process. Think of it like game day for a sport or opening night for an actor. It takes diligent preparation to get things right when the event comes.

Underestimating the Importance of Communication

Every time you speak with someone at a prospective employer, it reflects on you as a job candidate. Make the most of each opportunity.

Stay in contact with the company at each stage. Meanwhile, maintain an upbeat, professional demeanor throughout. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect — you never know who will weigh in on your behalf when it comes time to make a hiring decision.

Not Using a Staffing Agency

A recruiter can upgrade your job search on multiple fronts at once. You’ll get access to immediate opportunities that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Meanwhile, top staffing firms, like SmartTalent, will provide additional support to enhance your overall abilities as a job candidate. These improvements can provide career-long value.

Contact SmartTalent today to minimize the chances you’ll make a deadly job-search mistake, maximizing the chances you’ll find your perfect job.

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