How to Use Your Personality to Get the Job

How much do employers care about your personality? Probably more than you think. Once you prove you can achieve the basic tasks of a position, companies will switch to exploring whether you have the temperament to achieve success in their organizations.

That’s why personality testing has become so popular among employers. One estimate suggests that about four out of 10 employers conduct formal assessments of this key area. Meanwhile, the rest of the potential employers you contact will attempt to gauge your personality in more informal ways.

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From there, you just need to discover the best ways to display your most enticing personality traits. The job interview offers the main arena for this type of showcase. Employers will use these discussions to learn about your personality. This gives you a chance to turn on the charm and upgrade your career prospects.

Using Your Personality to Succeed in Job Interviews

The most direct way your personality can boost your career prospects comes during job interviews. These conversations offer an excellent opportunity to leverage your charm to achieve success. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of this chance to showcase your temperament and character:

Emphasize Your Strengths

By emphasizing your best personality traits, you can show you are an excellent fit for any organization. The key is knowing what aspects to highlight.

Each company has its own vibe. You shouldn’t mask your true personality to get a job — eventually, the mismatch will make you miserable. However, by researching the company ahead of time, you can learn what features to spotlight during the interview.

Make a Connection

Beyond showing you are right for the job, you help your case by making a personal connection with your interviewers. Your ability to make a quick bond with them will improve your chances of getting hired. As such, look for common ground and use your personality to set the foundation for an early relationship.

Practice Your Interview Skills

Nerves can dampen your ability to spotlight your personality. Additional practice can limit the risk in this area. By walking through common questions and gaming out your interview strategy, you make it easier to be more comfortable during the conversation.

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Highlight Your Job-Enhancing Personality Traits

Your personality doesn’t just help in the interview process. It’s also a central part of your ability to succeed at the job itself. You can use your conversations with potential employers to highlight the personality traits that will make you an excellent employee.

Many of these attributes can be framed as soft skills. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Curiosity
  • Honesty
  • Dedication

Outside of Your Job Interview

Your personality represents a central asset when you go for a job interview. However, you can use it in other parts of your job search as well. Here are some of the other places your personality can help you land the perfect job:

Engaging Your Network

The people in your network like and respect you. You can get the most out of this web of connections by nurturing these basic bonds. Use your personality to strengthen relationships.

Staying Motivated in Your Job Search

Your personality isn’t just a tool to impact other people. More than that, it can also grant you internal strength. Traits like persistence and optimism can help you stay motivated when your job search reaches a rough spot.

Keeping in Contact with Potential Employers

Even after a job interview, you can use your personality to tighten the bonds with a potential employer. Keep up the communication with the organization. These follow-ups can improve your chances of landing the job.

A great personality gives you a leg up during the job-search process. However, you need other attributes as well. SmartTalent will make sure you find situations that ideally match your skills and background.

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