Have You Been Disappointed by a Job Interview? What to do Next

Most job interviews are fails. Unfortunately, that’s just the math of the situation. An employer will likely interview 6-10 employees for an open position, with only one person eventually landing the job. That means you’ll likely come up short somewhere between 83%-90% of the time when you go for an interview.

However, sometimes, an interview just has a different vibe. You walk out knowing something’s gone wrong. The whole process felt disappointing. What do you do in those circumstances?

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Meanwhile, there are other steps you can take as well. Here’s what to do next if you’ve been disappointed by a job interview:

Stay Positive

It’s fine to feel disappointed. In fact, wallowing for a few moments might be appropriate. However, don’t let that feeling linger too long. You don’t want one unfavorable conversation to sap your confidence or knock you off track.

Instead, keep a positive attitude. Find ways to minimize the stress and refocus your mental energy on how you can push your job search forward.

Review What Went Wrong

Once you’ve gotten into a more upbeat headspace, it’s time to review the disappointing interview itself. What went wrong? At what point did the conversation turn sour? Understanding how things fell short will help you improve your interview performance in the future.

Again, it’s important to approach this task with the right attitude. The goal isn’t to beat yourself up. Don’t get discouraged. Rather, identify potential areas of improvement and take constructive steps to enhance your interview skills.

Talk to Sympathetic People in Your Network

Don’t go through this alone. Instead, reach out to people you trust and talk to them about the situation. They will provide the emotional support you need to raise your spirits. At the same time, your support system might have advice that will help you improve next time.

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Continue to Follow-Up on That Job

Things may feel hopeless for that particular job. However, you shouldn’t give up entirely. Continue to push forward with that opportunity, sending your normal post-interview “thank you” message and keeping in contact with the company.

The interview may not have gone as badly as you think — don’t assume you’re out of the running. Meanwhile, continuing with the process gives you practice that will help you hone your skills. This way, you’ll be ready when a more promising situation comes along.

Look for Your Next Opportunity

Sometimes interviews fall flat. Like first dates, it’s a matter of chemistry. The fact that you had to stumble through an awkward conversation might represent nothing more than a signal that you didn’t match well with that position.

From that perspective, it’s actually good that you had an uncomfortable interview. You learn as early as possible that you should look past that employer. Learn what you can from the experience and move on to other opportunities.

Start Working with SmartTalent

Disappointing interviews become much less common when you know you’re a perfect fit for a position. SmartTalent can connect you to those opportunities. You’ll walk into each conversation with confidence that the job is a great match with your skills and background.

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