Qualities of the Best Accounting Professionals

The accounting field represents an excellent basis for a career. Government estimates suggest that demand for accountants and auditors will rise 6% from now into the next decade, providing strong job security. Meanwhile, experienced accountants can hope for salaries in the six figures, with additional prospects of jumping into other lucrative executive positions.

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A diverse skillset will contribute to long-term professional development as well. Adding the right abilities can set the stage for career advancement. With that in mind, here are some qualities that define the best accounting professionals:

Basic Accounting Skills

Yes, this is relatively rudimentary. But it’s also worth keeping in mind. You won’t receive any job offers in the accounting field without mastering the primary tasks related to the discipline.

Once you achieve the necessary qualifications, it’s important to stay in practice. Make perfecting your accounting skills a career-long commitment. This way, you’ll always have the salient qualities to achieve success in any accounting job you receive.


Sloppy accounting is bad accounting. To achieve the best results for your clients (and ultimately for your career), you need a high degree of organization. This, in turn, requires mastery of several skills at once. Here are a few of the abilities you should hone to make yourself a stronger accounting professional:

  • Detail oriented
  • Strong work ethic
  • Complete tasks efficiently
  • Systematic time management


As an accountant, you have access to sensitive information. Also, depending on your precise role, you can be put in a position of extreme trust. Employers will want to see that you have a long track record of trustworthiness and integrity.

This form of integrity represents a two-way street. You also want to find employers who have a culture that encourages these high-level values. SmartTalent can help you find these ideal matches, providing a connection with the best companies in your industry. Turn to SmartTalent to discover the ideal place for you.


Technology has become a crucial component of any accounting job. Being able to get the most out of common software can improve your efficiency and let you achieve results you couldn’t reach on your own. The key is learning everything you can about the programs you use.

Beyond this, being a tech-savvy accountant also means staying current with changing expectations. Over the years, software will improve, adding features and functions. You must commit to remaining up to date with the evolution of technology.


Accounting might seem like a lonely profession. However, it actually sits at the hub of any company’s operations. Your work touches all aspects of the firm, meaning your ability to collaborate and communicate stands as a crucial element in excelling at your job.

This becomes even more critical when you consider the subject matter. Accounting can be an esoteric discipline. You need to be able to have constructive conversations with people not familiar with all the terms and concepts you use on a daily basis. In this context, strong communication skills will act as a bridge to other parts of the operation.

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