How to Attract and Keep Rockstar Employees

How to Attract and Keep Rockstar Employees

We all know there are tons of open jobs these days and only so many employees to go ‘round. But you don’t want to hire just any employee; you want someone who levels up your company and their team, a top-notch, top-tier talent who will be a great asset for years to come. 

It’s the big question among hiring managers: How do we find, and hire, top talent that will develop into the leaders of tomorrow? 

Here are a few practices to keep in mind for hiring and retaining talented employees. 

  1. Understand why they’re applying to your company in the first place. Yes, everyone needs a job and a paycheck. But why did they pick your company, and this position, in the first place? As you go through the interview process and talk with candidates, get a sense of what matters to them, what their priorities are and where they’d like their career to go. This means listening deeply, beyond the surface-level answer to “where do you see yourself in five years,” but try to determine what drives them and what they want to do with their lives. 
  2. What are their ambitions? Some people want to get their foot in a door, do what they can, and then move on. Not everyone is motivated by money alone; some want to learn and continue to grow as they move deeper into their career. Employees who have the ability to gain new information, learn new skills and add to their abilities and understanding of their industry are ones who are happier and more engaged in their jobs, meaning they’re less likely to look elsewhere for opportunities they don’t feel they can get where they are. 
  3. Focus on a positive, welcoming culture. Does your talent pool of current employees reflect the industry you’re in as much as it does the community in which your office is located? Do your employees look like your clients? Younger employees have been raised in a world in which diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but important guideposts to follow in their career choices. They want sincerity and honesty as much as they want to embrace the world around them. Build a culture in which everyone is valued and welcomed, regardless of their background, and one in which people are supported and brought together for celebrations all year through. 
  4. Look for enthusiasm and passion. Not everyone who comes through your door interviewing for a job will have all the skills and experience you’d like in an ideal candidate. Not everyone will share a boundless energy and enthusiasm for your industry. That doesn’t matter: Look for the ones who are enthusiastic to join a team and learn. People who are curious will best serve your company because they’re the ones willing to try new things, think creatively and are best capable of learning to adopt and adapt to your company’s way of doing things. Passion and enthusiasm cannot be taught; it’s either there or it is. Most people can pick up the skills and experience they need as they go along. 
  5. Show appreciation. The best way to retain talent is to let them know they’re appreciated. People don’t want to stay long in a job where they feel taken for granted or overlooked. They want to be shown respect, treated with dignity and paid a wage that matches their skill, ability and loyalty. Make a point to thank your team a few times a year, in different ways, for their dedication and hard work. Your company is only as successful as it is because of your employees! They deserve a fair wage for their efforts, along with the occasional lunch, party, picnic, extra time off, etc., to show you appreciate them all year round. 

The days of working for a company for an employee’s entire career are far in the rearview mirror. But employees who see their company treats them well, supports their ambitions and wants to see them succeed are more likely to stay longer with a place that makes them feel valued. 

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