Leveraging HR for Sustainable Growth

SmartTalent - Leveraging HRRunning a sustainable company does not come easy, especially since this is measured using the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). The TBL is the impact of your company’s operations on the economy, the environment and society. Companies will need to change how they operate, including the ways in which they retain their employees. TBL and sustainability are vitally important to the success of a company and how it acquires future prospects.

The Importance of Human Resource Departments

Human resource departments in any industry are important to the success of a company for various reasons. These departments play such a major role in a company’s sustainability, but not everyone in the business world realizes this. Human resource departments contribute the following to a company’s success:

  • The diversity of the workforce
  • Competitive benefits
  • Fair pay
  • Human rights for employees
  • Excellent working conditions
  • A workplace that is happy, healthy and productive
  • Relations with the community that show the company in a positive light
  • Training and career advancement

Measure Employee Engagement

One of the best ways to ensure sustainability at your company is by measuring employee engagement. Sustainability begins at the office, with your employees. Make sure that they are treated well and given plenty of benefits that keep them around for lengthy periods. You do not want a high turnover rate because of a lack of benefits. Instead, aim for a high retention rate by providing your employees with excellent benefits, fair salaries and a happy workplace.

Research shows that companies in the United States base their impressions of companies on how those companies treat their employees. This occurs despite how well the company treats the environment, how it handles societal matters and what it does within the community. If your company treats its employees well, this will cause the public to have a positive impression of the company and its workings.

HR Can Change Behavior

At the end of the day, a company’s human resources department has the ability to change the attitude and behavior of the company. It does this through recruitment, hiring, incentives, performance measurements, training and promotions. By changing the culture of the company, the human resources department will be able to play a significant, if not direct, role in the company’s sustainability.

For more information on leveraging HR for sustainable growth in your company, contact the staffing experts at SmartTalent.

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