Holiday-Themed Team Builders You Can Try With Your Employees 

The holiday season can bring a steep drop off and productivity. People have their minds on vacations and family gettogethers, and they lose focus at work. It’s just the regular cycle, as the year comes to an end. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze some value out of the season. In the midst of the shopping and extra days off, the holidays also present an excellent chance for some teambuilding. 

Getting some productive value out of the holidays requires you to lean into the season. You shouldn’t ask your workers to ignore the time of year. Instead, you should use it as a way to organize events and bring your team together. Take advantage of the good vibes to set the stage for strong group dynamics next year. 

Here are a few holiday-themed team-building activities you can try with your employees this year: 

Holiday Party 

This is the absolute basic holiday teambuilding event. But just because its cliché, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. It gives you an excuse to get people together on a social basis. This way, they can build relationships and set the stage for a more inclusive working dynamic. 

Holiday Snack Potluck 

A big-time holiday bash might be out of your budget range. Or you might want a clever way to complement the party you already have planned. A snack potluck gives you a great in-office opportunity to hit some of the same themes. 

After all, the holidays are a time of eating. Cookies. Brownies. Candy canes. The whole smorgasbord of fattening, diabetes-inducing treats. Let your workers bring their favorite holiday treats to a holiday potluck. It will lighten the atmosphere in the office and further encourage team connections. 

Charity Drive 

The holidays are supposed to be about giving and about remembering other people. Capture that spirit with an employee lead charity drive. Besides helping people in need, the project will also serve as a teambuilding experience.  

Create a committee of volunteers to lead and to organize a charity project. These employees will become closer to one another, leading to more productive relationships in the year to come. As a side advantage, the charitable event could provide a good brand-building opportunity. 

Dress-Up Day 

Adding a little fun to the office can brighten morale and set the stage for better working relationships. The holidays present a great opportunity to inject a little whimsy into the work environment. Schedule dress-up days (wear read and great, host a terrible Christmas sweater content, etc.). It will lighten the mood and loosen people up, setting the stage for deeper friendships. 

Holiday Game Night 

You can combine the concepts of a holiday party and a traditional set of teambuilding exercises. Gather your employees together for a holidaythemed game night. It could be as simple as a tournament of traditional board games. You can add a little seasonal charm by giving them a holiday twistChristmas-opolyScrabble, but you can only use holiday words, etc. Your employees will learn to work together to solve problems, all in a fun holiday setting.  

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