Four Reasons Your Company Should be Blogging

SmartTalent - BloggingBlogs have become the staple of the Internet because they are an excellent marketing tool for individuals, companies and groups of all backgrounds and industries. Blogs do not have to be over-the-top for them to be successful. They just need to have fresh content that focuses on topics associated with your company’s operations. Updating them frequently, at least once per month or week, will help get your company noticed online. We have four reasons in this post that explain why your company should be blogging.

A Blog Humanizes Your Brand

When clients read company websites, they find a lot of hyperbole, corporate content and branding that might come across as artificial. A company blog can be more personal and upfront with clients. Blogs can be used to speak with clients instead of at them. They are an excellent way to creation personal relationships with clients and help them understand what it is your company does on a daily basis. It should also be used to answer questions clients might have.

It Helps Establish Trust

Believe it or not, a blog helps establish trust between clients and companies. Blogs tend to be more believable than corporate press releases or other corporate public relations items. A business that operates a blog will be able to move a client to an area where he or she has enough trust to make a purchase. Content that is helpful can turn into trust. Trust can turn into leads. And leads can turn into sales. Don’t be concerned with driving traffic to your site with each post. Instead, make sure that the content is informative and trustworthy first and foremost.

Build a Community

Operating a blog can help to build a community. Welcome your employees and clients into the discussion. Do not have just one employee write the blogs each time. Put the employees on a rotating schedule so different voices are present. This will help generate stronger conversations among readers and employees. Open comments sections after each blog post so there is always an open forum.

Become an Authority in Your Industry

One of the best things a blog can do for your company is make you an authority within your industry. Publish studies, surveys, informational pieces and much more using the company blog. The blog is a two-way open exchange between companies and clients, employees, partners and prospects. When you turn your blog into an authoritative piece, your company will flourish.

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