Common Myths About Hiring Temporary Employees

SmartTalent - Myth BustedTemporary employees can fill an important need for organizations, and hiring temp workers can provide the opportunity for your business to take advantage of labor provided by skilled and experienced professionals.

Many organizations, however, are uncertain about what is involved in hiring temp employees or are not confident that using temporary workers is the right decision for them. There are lots of pervasive myths about temp workers that could make your company reluctant to hire.  The reality, however, is that there are few downsides – and lots of upsides – to hiring temporary staff members.

As a top Lynwood, WA temporary staffing agency, SmartTalent knows the facts and the realities of making temp employees part of your workforce, and we can debunk three common myths for you that could be holding your business back when it comes to hiring temporary workers:

Myth: Temp workers can be hired only for entry-level jobs.

The reality is, staffing firms can help companies find temp employees with a wide variety of different skill levels. You could hire managers, skilled professionals in the banking, accounting, and legal industry, and workers with advanced technical knowledge for temporary positions. Even high level professionals often have reasons to look for temporary work, and your company can take advantage of their eagerness to take on short-term positions.

Myth: Temp workers often lack experience or other important job skills.

Most people who choose temporary work have many career options, but are looking for short-term positions for personal or professional reasons.  For example, highly skilled workers interested in working around family commitments or highly qualified spouses of military members who move around a lot may be drawn to temporary work. By opening the door to employees who will be with your business for only a short time, you can widen the pool of qualified talent who you can hire, and you can benefit from fresh perspectives from some of the best minds in the business.

Myth: Temp workers cannot be hired for permanent positions.

Temp workers can sometimes turn into full-time workers. In fact, hiring temporary employees can be one of the best ways to find out if a worker is going to be right for your business, without the need to make a long-term commitment.  SmartTalent can work with your business if you want temporary workers who could one day become permanent staff.

Your business can benefit from employing temporary staff in many different ways. Contact SmartTalent so our Lynnwood staffing agency can help you to find top employees to fill temporary or permanent positions in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lynnwood, and throughout Western Washington.


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