HR Strategies: Prioritizing Company Culture

SmartTalent - CultureTurning your company culture around can take a lot of effort, especially if it has been stale or stagnant for some time now. One way to improve the culture at the office is to prioritize it from the minute employees walk through the door. When you determine what you want the culture to be, you can begin hiring new employees for open jobs who fit that description. This can help improve the attitudes of your current staff, turning around the culture.

Put an Employee in Charge of Culture

An excellent way to prioritize the culture of your company is to put someone in charge of handling the culture. Now, one individual cannot change the culture of the company, but he or she can make a major difference. This person will be able to steer employees in the right direction each day when their attitudes change or if they are not working hard enough. This person could also be in the HR department, responsible for hiring new employees. When this person knows what is needed for the culture, he or she can find it in new employees.

Make Sure Leadership is on Board

When prioritizing culture, you need to make sure that the leadership of your company is on board. They need to have positive attitudes, lead by example and be able to work as a team. When your leadership team does not work together or walks around complaining all the time, it can rub off the wrong way on the rest of the organization.

Talk to Your Employees

One way to prioritize the company culture is to speak with some of your top employees. Ask them what they think of the current culture, what needs to be changed, and if they think culture matters to the success of the company. Let the employee know that he or she will not be reprimanded or penalized for any of their answers so they are as truthful as possible. You will not receive answers to all of these questions, but the ones provided will help you determine where the company culture needs to go.

Communicate with Employees

Let your employees know what the company culture is and should be, as well as what the company’s values are. The more often you talk about culture and values, the more likely these items will grow and deepen within the organization. You should even consider rewarding employees who exhibit the company culture and be honest with employees who do not exhibit the culture.

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