Five Management Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

SmartTalent - Attracting Top TalentCompanies will do everything it takes to attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive market, no matter the industry in which they operate. Not every company will find success in this realm, which is why we have compiled the five most successful management strategies to retain the top talent you have recently attracted for open jobs.

Hiring the Right Managers

One of the first steps in attracting and retaining top talent is to hire the right managers. Whether this occurs by hiring people from outside of the company or by promoting within, it is very important that this be done correctly. Managers are some of the very first people a candidate will meet at the company. This means that they will make a first impression on your candidate. Many companies deal with high turnover simply because of the managers they have in place, not the actual company itself.

Provide Employee Training

When a company provides its employees with training and other educational opportunities, it lets them know that they are valuable to the company and its success. Let job candidates know about your training and educational opportunities as soon as they are interviewed because it will help to pique their interest in your company.

Create a Trusting Culture

It is important for companies to create a culture that centers around trust. Companies that have a culture of trust wind up receiving a ton of strong PR. This will help you attract some of the top talent within your industry. It will also make it easier to retain this talent over the years.

Hire Employees Who Fit Skills and Culture Needs

This strategy is easier said than done, but it can be done. Companies should look to hire employees who fit both the company culture and the skills needed to perform the job. There are candidates out there who are incredibly talented, but they do not fit in with your culture. When you hire this candidate, you will not see the type of performance you were hoping for when the job offer was extended.

Always Recognize Performance

When an employee completes a tough project, brings in a major client, or sets a new company record, it is important to recognize their achievement as quickly as possible. This can be done using monetary compensation, the presentation of an award, or even providing the employee with an extra paid day off. Employees will not be long for a company that fails to recognize them for reaching goals or completely ignores them.

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