Hiring Millennials- How This Generation Can Impact Your Team

SmartTalent - Who Are The MillennialsAre you preparing to make a hiring push because of increased client demand? Are you opening a new office or expanding your current one? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then you need to consider hiring millennials. Millennials will provide your company with a positive impact for many reasons. We discuss those reasons in this post.

Millennials are Tech-Savvy

Companies want to hire as many tech-savvy employees as possible in today’s market, which is why millennials make excellent hires. This generation, Gen Y, will never know what it is like to live without electronics such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices. They grew up as the electronic industry exploded. Now, they can take that tech-savvy knowledge with them to their jobs. Millennials will be able to teach co-workers about social media and content management systems among other things.

Millennials Love to Work as a Team

Another major impact of hiring millennials is that they love to work in teams. Generation X was dubbed the ‘Me Generation.’ Since Gen Y enjoys working together so much, they should be dubbed the ‘We Generation.’ This generation has a heightened sense of helping one another, working together and community relationships. This type of work ethic will rub off on boomers in the office just as much as it would on other millennials.

Millennials Are Not Concerned with Salary

It seems as though millennials are more concerned with flexible work schedules and a better work/life balance than compensation. This makes them very cost-effective when your company needs to fill a host of open positions. This group of employees also tends to live with their parents for longer periods than others, which means that they are linked to a high return on investment.

Millennials Understand the Job Market

This generation grew up trying to find a job in the recession. This means that they will be more conscious of the market and understand how important a job is to them. Millennials know that there are more qualified candidates than available jobs. This will force them to give 110 percent at work each day of the week.

Millennials Love to Express Themselves

Millennials find it easy to express themselves. This can be very positive in the workplace. This means that they have no fear when sharing ideas at work, which can lead to brainstorming and problem solving that is unabashed.

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