Seasonal Hiring Needs? Prepare for Your Staffing Needs

Preparing to go on a hiring spree at a company that relies on seasonal hiring can be a daunting task. You will find yourself sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes and applications. There will be overqualified applicants and under-qualified applicants looking for a job. You need to know which people are perfect for your seasonal jobs and we will discuss that in this post.

Begin the Hiring Process Early

If your company operates year-round, you should begin posting ‘Help Wanted’ signs and job ads when the calendar changes years. There is no such thing as starting too soon when hiring seasonal employees. You need to get the jump on the rest of the industry and your competition so you can hire the best possible workers for the jobs you have available.

Create a Wishlist of Sorts

All companies that hire seasonal employees should create some sort of employee wish list. This should include the number of employees that need to be hired, how long they will be employed and at what experience level they will work when employed. If you can answer all of these questions, you will be able to begin your seasonal hiring process.

Train, Train, Train

Even though your summer staff will be temporary in nature, you must still train them as rigorously as you would full-time employees. By doing this, you guarantee yourself an excellent workforce that will stay loyal to you and understand what it takes to be successful in the temporary position.

Know the Rules

It is very important that you know the rules of hiring seasonal employees. These employees fall under different state and federal labor laws and regulations, so be sure that you do your research prior to hiring seasonal employees. Breaking just one rule can cause you to pay a hefty fine or even have your company shut down. Check the rules often if you are unsure of what to do when bringing on or releasing seasonal workers.

Find Talent

Partnering with a staffing agency will allow you to work with a recruiting expert. Together, you can complete each of these steps for preparing for seasonal staff and your staffing partner can handle the recruiting, interviewing and hiring portions of the process to keep your seasonal hiring needs as simple as possible.

Contact Smart Talent today to work with our top Kirkland recruiters to discuss the best ways to prepare for and make seasonal hiring decisions.

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