Strategies to Turn Your Temporary Position into a Full-Time Job

SmartTalent - Turning your temp position into a full-time jobIt is not impossible to turn your temporary position into a full-time job these days. In fact, more and more people are doing this as an excellent way to obtain permanent work. It has also become a common practice for those who have lost their jobs to sign with a staffing agency to work temporary jobs until they find one worth fighting to keep full-time. As you work a temporary position, be sure to perform the tasks outlined in this post to determine if that position could become a full-time job.

Work in Your Niche

Make sure, when you join a temp staffing agency, that it is within your niche or industry. Do not go outside of your realm or area of strength. This will make it more difficult to turn a temp position into a full-time job. You want to work with temp agencies who have clients that are within your industry so it is easier to not only find a temp job, but also turn it into full-time work.

Being Hired Permanently is a Bonus for All

Let it be known that you being hired permanently is a bonus for all parties involved. For you, a full-time job is your ultimate goal. For the employer, they have hired a known commodity into a permanent position who they have seen work in their setting. There is no downside for this situation.

No Task is Underneath You

You must also realize that there is no task beneath you when working a temporary job. This means that anything that comes across your desk should be completed without any moaning or groaning. Do the task on-time and correctly so the company sees how dedicated you are to their organization, and can begin to visualize the positive impact you could make in the long run.


Make it a point to network as much as possible while working temporary positions. Get to know your supervisors, co-workers and employees throughout the organization. The more contacts you make, the easier it will be able to turn your temp position into a full-time job. It might not be at that company, but possibly somewhere else down the line because a former co-worker or supervisor recommended you for an open job, or gave you a glowing recommendation.

Do More Than the Bare Minimum

When working a temporary position, go above and beyond the bare minimum required. This means that you should arrive on time and stay a few minutes late if needed to complete your projects on-time or ahead of the due date. Do not try to get away with doing the least amount of work possible. Showing a strong work ethic will help you turn a temp position into a full-time job.

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