The Perks Of Partnering With a Staffing Agency

SmartTalent - The Perks of Partnering with a Staffing AgencyIt is becoming more and more popular these days for companies to partner with staffing agencies in an effort to improve their workforce. Temporary staffers are brought on-board when a company has too many projects, tight deadlines, full-time workers on medical or maternity leave, retiring workers, workers leaving for other companies or when the company is operating in a busy season. Staffing agencies can make life much easier for companies who utilize their benefits, and we will discuss those benefits in this post.

Save Time and Money

One of the most popular benefits for companies that partner with a staffing agency is how much time and money the partnership will save. The time and money will be saved in the hiring process surrounding new employees. The company does not have to spend time sifting through a pile of resumes and then conducting dozens of interviews in order to find the right candidate. The staffing agency will do all of the legwork for the company from top to bottom. All the company has to do is say yes to the candidate the staffing firm recommends for their open position.

Recruiting Firms are Objective as a Third Party

When a company partners with a staffing agency, it will be working with an impartial third party. The firm will be unbiased throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process because they cannot have an attachment to any candidate. The firm will want to provide its client with the best possible candidate for an open job because it reflects strongly on the firm, not because of any previous relationship or bias.

Recruiting Firms Can Find the Diamonds in the Rough

Recruiting agencies will be able to find their clients “diamonds in the rough” within the industry in which they operate. This is another excellent benefit to have because it means that the company does not have to do the legwork. These firms have the tools and skills needed to find the needle in the haystack of a pile of resumes and applications and match that talented individual with a company in need of top talent, without wasting time on mismatched candidates.

Employers Meet the Right People

If a company partners with a recruiting agency, it means that they will be able to meet people whom they might not have met through other normal job search outlets such as advertising, job boards or internal postings. Staffing agencies put companies in touch with some of the most talented people on the job market today, and keep an extensive pipeline of experienced candidates — ready to be interviewed or start a new position at a moment’s notice.

If your company is ready to work with a staffing agency, contact the experienced recruiting staff at SmartTalent today to begin the process.

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