Strategies for Successfully Managing Millennials

SmartTalent - Managing MillennialsThe workforce has been flooded with millennials over the past handful of years and this trend will continue for quite some time. Because of this, your company might be in need of new ways to manage millennials at the office. In order to manage millennials effectively, you need to understand how they operate and what they want in an employer. In today’s post, we will discuss strategies for successfully managing millennials at your company so they do not jump ship for greener pastures.

Provide Collaborative Projects

Millennials love to work in groups. The majority of the work they completed in college probably came in group settings. Because of this, millennials are eager to work with others at the office. They are used to collaborating on a variety of projects and issues. If you provide millennials at your company with collaborative projects, you will keep them happy and interested in what they are doing each day.

Offer Feedback Where Possible

Millennials also love to receive feedback, especially when it is positive. Simply letting them do their job and never saying a word to them about a project will not suffice. Millennials want to know that they did a good job on their latest project and that the company really appreciates their hard work. Older workers typically expect feedback during their performance review or after just one or two projects. Millennials want feedback on a more consistent basis so they know where they stand with the company.

Provide Structure

Millennials come from structure and want that structure to be present at work. As an employer of millennials, be sure you provide as much structure as possible for them. Give them projects that have defined goals and clear due dates. When there is structure at the workplace, millennials will have no trouble succeeding.

Challenge Millennials

Millennials want to be challenged at work, not bored. Make sure you do not ignore them or trivialize their work. The more challenging their work, the happier millennials will be on the job. Repetitive, mundane tasks will not make millennials happy. Give them projects that have ever-changing tasks and goals.

Provide Work-Life Balance

Millennials do not want to work 60 hours per week like the baby boomer generation does. In fact, millennials love to spend time out of work with family and friends. They might be involved in sports leagues, charities, or other groups outside of the office. Allow them to enjoy their lives outside of work so they do not regret accepting the job offer you gave them.

Let Millennials Multitask

Millennials can multitask with the best of them. Let them multitask as much as they want while at work so long as their job does not suffer. Not all of them can do it, so be sure you are letting the right ones multitask. This will give them a sense of success if they are allowed to work on multiple things at once.

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