Preparing Your Staff for a Temporary Workforce

SmartTalent - Workforce SolutionsWith the switch of calendars to 2015, many companies will begin adding new employees as their budgets are approved. Some companies will use the help of temporary staffers, which are perfect for covering employee vacations, illnesses and an increase in business. When the decision is made to hire temporary workers, you will need to prepare your regular staff for the influx of new employees in the building.

Explain Goals to Be Met with the Help of Temporary Workers

An excellent way to prepare your staff for a temporary workforce is by explaining the goals of a temporary workforce. Make sure you outline the the short and long-term goals that these workers can help your staff achieve. Let your regular staff members know the reason why the temporary workers are being hired. This can be to help with an increase in business or because you need a specific set of skills for a major project.

Reassure Regular Staff They Will Remain

For the most part, the reason you hire temporary workers is because of added work at your business. When temporary workers are hired, many regular staff members may begin to fear that they will lose their jobs. Reassure your regular staffers that their jobs are not in jeopardy, but that you are bringing in extra help to get through a busy period or a massive project. You might also be hiring temporary workers to fill voids as other staffers go on vacation.

Define the Roles of the Temporary Workers

Make sure you clearly define the roles of these employees. This will help avoid any confusion with placement in the company hierarchy and job responsibilities. If you need to change the role of regular staffers when temporary workers are hired, be sure to let the regular staffers know when and why this is happening so they can prepare ahead of time.

Discuss Advantages with Regular Staffers

Highlighting the advantages of hiring temporary workers helps your entire team understand the benefits and goals of this decision. These advantages include having to work less hours, not being forced to work overtime, less stress, a lighter workload and anything other advantages you can think of.

Offer Training

When you bring in temporary employees, you must offer them training that is aided by the regular staff. Temporary workers, no matter how talented, will need to be acclimated to your company and how it operates. The best people to make this happen are regular staffers.

Preparing your staff for a temporary workforce is important, especially since people can begin to worry about job security. Talk about your preparation plans with the experienced recruiting staff at SmartTalent today.

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