How to Sell Your Company During an Interview

SmartTalent - Hiring Overqualified CandidatesEven though many job candidates view the interview process as a one-sided affair, there really are two sides to it. Companies need to know how to “sell” their company to the candidate during the interview, just as the candidate must “sell” themselves to the company. If they cannot effectively sell their company, the candidate will decline an offer of employment and move towards finding a job elsewhere. We will discuss four methods of selling your company during an interview in today’s post.

Explain Your Culture

An important aspect of selling your company to a job candidate during the interview is explaining the culture. Candidates will get a glimpse of culture when walking around the office on a tour and being introduced to employees and you want to make sure what they see leaves a positive impression. Let them spend an hour or so at your company, meeting people and witnessing what it is like to work at your company. If you do not have time for this in your hiring process, explain what it is you like about the company. Explain what the employees are like, what perks are offered and what type of atmosphere is present.

Have a Clear Job Description

The most damning thing a company can do when searching for new employees is having a fuzzy job description. Your job descriptions need to be as clear as possible so candidates know what they are applying for when they hit the submit button on your careers page. The description should tell the candidate what it is they will be doing each day and with whom they will be working if hired.

What Makes Your Company Unique?

Every company is unique, but what is it that makes your company stand out from the rest in the industry? Figure out what it is that makes your company one-of-a-kind and explain this to the candidate. Is your company constantly named by major publications for community involvement, work performed or happiness of employees? If so, these are excellent things to tell the candidate during the interview.

What Does the Candidate Want?

Find out what the job candidate wants if hired. Everyone wants a good salary and responsibility while on the job. But, what else do they want? Candidates might be looking for flexible schedules, more paid time off, access to training, better benefits and the chance to be issued high-profile projects. You won’t be able to give them what they want if you don’t know what that is.

Knowing how to sell your company to a job candidate means the difference between landing top talent and having jobs remain open at your company for lengthy periods. Contact the expert staffing team at Smart Talent today to discuss this issue with a staff member prior to your next round of interviews.

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