Why Isn’t My Job Post Getting Applications?

It’s been sitting there for weeks, your job posting. You blanketed the Internet with it, but it’s largely been ignored — a great big cyber shrug. You had high hopes when you posted it, but you just aren’t getting the volume of applications you expected.

It’s a major problem for your recruiting efforts. The lack of interest makes you worried about the likelihood of finding an ideal fit for the position. At the very least, the process will take longer than expected. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to settle for one of the few underqualified candidates you get.

Why is this happening? There are a few possibilities. Luckily, with a few tweaks, you can increase engagement and get the kind of response you had expected. With that in mind, here are some of the main reasons your job post isn’t getting applications:

Requirements Are Too Strict

Online job applications naturally invite a lot of responses. Companies often try to counteract this by including a large number of requirements in their job description. The goal here is to limit the number of candidates who apply for the position so that the HR staff doesn’t get inundated with resumes.

However, this plan can backfire. Set requirements too high and might not receive enough interest. You’ve narrowed the talent pool too much to find an ideal candidate.

Not Enough Info

Too many requirements can limit interest in a job post. The same result can happen when you have too few. It may seem counterintuitive, but a lack of information in a post can throw up a red flag.

A vague job posting can discourage qualified applicants. To them, the position might not seem to require specialized enough skills for them to bother. It causes them to look elsewhere.

To get the most out of a job post, you need to find that happy center. It can require some calibration. You want to provide enough info to get people interested, but not set the bar so high that no one meets all your qualifications.

No Sizzle

Don’t just think of a job post as a way to communicate with potential job seekers. It’s also a marketing operation. You need to sell the position you are trying to fill. At the same time, you want to present the company as a dynamic and interesting vehicle for career advancement.

Make sure you are engaging your intended audience. Draw them in and make them want – really want – the position. If your job description is too brief, or to dry, many high-quality applicants will look elsewhere.

Tone Doesn’t Match Your Culture

Your company has a character. Not just character, in the sense of values and vision. But a character in the sense of a personality. You want to communicate that in your job posting.

You want to let potential candidates know the kind of atmosphere you foster at the company. Craft a tone that shows what type of personality you value.

Bad Application Process

Your job posting might not be a problem at all. Instead, you might suffer from an over-complicated application process.

If your online application is too difficult to complete, or too time-consuming, you might see a lot of worthwhile candidates give up midway through. Make sure you provide a relatively user-friendly experience, so you don’t scare away top talent by making things too difficult.

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