Overcoming 2015’s Biggest Hiring Challenges

SmartTalent - Leveraging HRWe have reached 2015, but that does not mean hiring challenges for companies will disappear. In fact, things can potentially become more difficult when companies look to hire new employees at this time of year. In today’s post, we will discuss the best ways to overcome 2015’s biggest hiring challenges. If you are an HR executive, a hiring manager or department head, this post will help you find new and innovative ways to beat hiring challenges that can limit the talent you add to your staff.

Finding Top Talent

The first hiring challenge that hiring managers will come across in 2015 is finding top talent. When it comes to recruiting the top talent in your industry, they are hard to land because they are sought out by your competitors. Because they are so desirable, they will also find employment quickly whenever they are without a job. This group of employees wants to be recruited.

An excellent way to overcome this challenge is by creating SEO-friendly job postings. You need to use keywords that top talent would use to search for a job. Those keywords should be related to the position and the industry in which it is located. The job post should have plenty of details in it and should be visually appealing.

Bidding Wars with Job Candidates

The second hiring challenge that will be an issue in 2015 is that of candidate bidding wars. If you are engaged in a bidding war with a job candidate, make sure you know what type of leverage you have to work with. This includes your monetary and non-monetary leverage you can offer a candidate.

Hiring managers need to remember that it is easier to stay at a current job for an employee compared to leaving for a new job. That is why you will likely encounter a bidding war. In order to be successful in a bidding war, you need to remind the candidate why they are interviewing with a new company. If they accept your offer, make sure you welcome them aboard with a congratulatory phone call, email or card.


Turnover at companies is unavoidable, no matter how strong your corporate culture is. You will have regrettable and non-regrettable turnover at your company. Regrettable turnover occurs when a top employee leaves. Non-regrettable turnover occurs when you fire an employee or agree to part ways.

Companies need to recruit new employees before they are put into the position of finding someone new. This is known as preventative maintenance. Your company can also predict turnover based on the history of it at your company.

As you plan to hire new employees, make sure your company knows how to overcome hiring challenges in 2015. Contact the staffing professionals at SmartTalent today to begin your hiring push in 2015.

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