Top Dos and Don’ts of Temporary Employment

SmartTalent - Top Dos and Donts of Temporary EmploymentProfessionals who are struggling to find work will sometimes take temporary jobs to fill gaps on their resume and keep themselves from being out of work for prolonged periods. Other professionals prefer to work temporary jobs because it lets them meet a host of new people and learn different skills within their industry. It also keeps their career fresh and exciting. In today’s post, we will discuss the top dos and don’ts of temporary employment.


An important “do” is to prepare for a temporary job interview just like you would prepare for a permanent one. You should not take anything for granted, which is why you must research the company, dress appropriately, rehearse potential answers and make sure you are well groomed. Have multiple copies of your resume and cover letter with you for the interview in case you meet with more than one person.

A second “do” when working temporary employment is to enroll in training courses offered by the staffing agency that helps you find jobs. In some instances these courses will be free of charge, so it would make sense to take them. These training courses might help you improve your set of skills, which could lead to permanent employment down the road.

Another important “do” is to remain flexible while working temporary employment. Some jobs will not be very fulfilling, while others will help you meet your career dreams. Even if the job is in a different area of expertise and it is offered to you, make sure you accept the job. It will help you learn something new and could lead to a job with that company as a full-time employee.


One of the most important “don’ts” of working temporary employment is to never lie about your background or experience. This is the same if you were working full-time, permanent jobs. There are some candidates out there who will lie about their experience because they know the job will not last long. You should never use this type of thinking when looking for temporary work.

You should not minimize the contract of a temporary job. This is a major “don’t” when working temporary employment. You need to read the contract carefully, go over the requirements, and make sure you can provide the company what it wants in an employee before accepting the offer. When you thoroughly read the contract, you prevent any future misunderstandings.

When working temporary employment, do not expect a staffing agency to contact you about a job. Instead, take the time to reach out to the firm to see what jobs they have available.

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