Rebranding Yourself Online Mid-Career

SmartTalent - Rebranding Yourself Online Mid-CareerEvery professional reaches a point in their career when the need to figure out if what they are doing on a daily basis is actually fulfilling. Some of those professionals decide that the answer is “no” and that they want to pursue a different career. Many worry that it is too late for them because they are in the middle of their career. The fact of the matter is that it is never too late to rebrand yourself mid-career, especially when you do so online.

Reflect on the First Half of Your Career

One of the first things you need to do when rebranding yourself mid-career is to reflect on the first half of your career. Figure out what it was you excelled at during the first half, what you enjoyed doing, and what you did better than everyone else around you on the job. Create a list of strengths that are unique to you and use them to rebrand yourself online.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

This it is vital to online branding. Not everyone in the professional world uses LinkedIn, even though it is free to do so. If you do not have a profile on this social site, you absolutely create one. Make sure the profile is completed and features keywords that are associated with your career or career goals. LinkedIn is used by thousands of employers and recruiters to find new employees on a regular basis. Take advantage of this and get your name seen by potential employers.

Once you join LinkedIn, make sure you join LinkedIn groups and participate in them frequently. The groups you need to join should be associated with your career or the career in which you want to work. This will help you meet professionals who could refer you for a job or send you leads down the road.

Create an Electronic Footprint

If you have not been active online during the first half of your career, now is the time to create an electronic footprint. Employers search the web to learn about potential employees prior to scheduling them for interviews. They can get a sense for people by reading their social network profiles, their blogs and by browsing their online resume or CV. Know that you should not create an electronic footprint just because it is a good idea. Everything in your footprint must be of high quality and showcase your career history and who you are as a person.

Build an Online Network

As you rebrand yourself online mid-career, be sure to build your network electronically. This can be done by connecting with other professionals from your industry on LinkedIn and by building a following on Twitter. Interact and connect with as many of them as possible about the industry, things you have learned and much more.

If you are struggling to rebrand yourself mid-career, contact the experienced staffing professionals at SmartTalent today to get the help you need.

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