Should You Consider Unemployed Candidates?

SmartTalent - Should You Consider Unemployed CandidatesIn today’s competitive job market, potential employees can find the search for a job very difficult. They are competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other professionals for a limited number of jobs. They are switching jobs late in their careers or are trying a whole new career. Another major issue occurs when employers make it known that they will not consider hiring unemployed people for their open jobs. What companies must understand is that they are often missing out on very talent workers whom they discount unemployed candidates for an open position.

Consider Successful, Unemployed Candidates

All companies looking to hire should consider any successful, unemployed candidates who come along. There is a difference between considering unemployed candidates and considering successful ones. Some of the most successful employees could find themselves unemployed at one point or another during their career. This does not mean that they will be a detriment to your company. It just means that the professional was on the wrong end of layoffs at their previous company or had a different unfortunate reason for losing their job. It could also mean that the professional left their previous employer to start their own business or to take time off and pursue other life interests. The only way to find out is by asking.

Unemployed Candidates Available to Start Immediately

One of the biggest benefits of hiring unemployed candidates is the fact that they are available to start the new job immediately. Many companies will look at this as an advantage over employed candidates, who will need to provide at least two weeks’ notice to their current employer. The minute an offer is accepted, the candidate will be able to get to work with the company, helping a project move forward successfully.

Unemployed Candidates are Eager to Work

Another added benefit of hiring unemployed candidates is that they will be eager to work. Whether they have been unemployed for one month or one year, the candidate will have a sense of pride again and will want to be as successful as possible at their new place of employment. Unemployed candidates are refreshed and ready to go should an offer come along.

Unemployed Candidates Might be Cheaper to Hire

It is also possible that unemployed candidates might be cheaper to hire. The main reason here is that if you offer employment to an unemployed candidate, you do not have to worry about countering an offer from their current employer, or another potential employer. Some companies might also be privy to tax breaks if they hire long-term unemployed candidates for their open jobs.

As your company prepares to go on a hiring spree, be sure to consider unemployed candidates. Contact the staff at SmartTalent today to begin your search for new employees.

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