Could Your Long Hiring Process Cost You Top Talent?

SmartTalent - Hiring Process Costing You Top TalentCompanies vary on how they interview, vet and onboard candidates. Some companies have a quick, painless process, while others have a lengthy process that takes months on end to complete. The companies that have longer hiring processes tend to lose top talent for their open jobs. Why? The simple reason is that candidates do not want to be in limbo for a prolonged period. They want to receive an offer of employee, accept that offer, and begin working in a reasonable amount of time.

Company Can Appear Indecisive

Companies that set deadlines and meets goals will have no issues at all when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. When you use a hiring process that is too long, candidates will view you as indecisive. This means that candidates might remove themselves from consideration because they do not want to work for a company that waffles when making decisions. Sometimes, companies forget that candidates are also evaluating companies as employers during the hiring process.

Concerns Arise About Importance of the Job

The longer it takes a company to choose a candidate for an open position, the more concerns candidates might have about the importance of that job within the company. When a company has a long hiring process, a candidate might start thinking that the job is not that important to the employer, which is why they have not filled it yet.

Candidates Lose Interest

One of the most common negatives of having a long hiring process is the fact that candidates tend to lose interest in the position for which they interviewed. When top talent is subjected to multiple rounds of interviews, even with a host of different interviewers, can cause them to lose interest in the job and the company, no matter how appealing it is. A candidate will tend to break ties with the company before being offered employment during a lengthy hiring process.

Candidate Might Choose Another Employer

When it comes to hiring top talent, it is very likely that the candidate will have job interviews with more than just your company. This means that you had better use a short hiring process if you want to keep the candidate interested in your job. A long hiring process will likely send the candidate running into the arms of another employer.

A lengthy hiring process will negatively affect your company’s ability to not only attract top talent, but also keep them interested in the job for which they applied. Contact Smart Talent today to discuss new hiring procedures your company can put into place to keep top talent attracted to your available jobs.

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