How to Build Loyalty Among Temporary Employees

Temporary employees are, by nature, not likely to stick around your company over the long term. Because these employees may see themselves as transient, rather than as members of the team, not all temp employees are loyal and committed to ensuring the company’s success.

Of course, your business benefits if temp employees do have some measure of loyalty to your organization. The good news is, there are ways to build that type of loyalty even if workers aren’t full time. To help make your temp workers more dedicated and loyal:

  • Make your expectations clear. Most temporary employees want to perform up to the expectations their managers have but may not be certain how to do that. If you make it clear from the start what a temp worker needs to do to be successful, your employee will be much more likely to work hard to satisfy you.
  • Let temp employees in on company goals. Temporary employees are more likely to be dedicated and loyal if they understand why they’re doing the work they do and how it fits into the big picture. Don’t just hand a temp employee work without explaining its broader purpose, because the work product won’t be as strong as it would’ve been if the employee knew the why beyond the work.
  • Make your temp workers feel like they’re part of the team. It’s important that temp workers don’t feel left out or like they’re on the outside looking in. If you want them to be loyal, include them in activities you do with your full-time staff. Invite them to meetings, include them in your lunch crowd, and do whatever else is necessary to help them feel like they’re one of the group, even if they will only be with your business for a short time.

It’s also vital to find high-quality temp employees who have the skills necessary for success and the passion to the job right. SmartTalent can help you to find employees that fit the bill, so give our staffing service a call today to find out how we can help you.

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