Fired? How to Discuss During an Interview

Termination of employmentThere are so many difficult questions to answer during a job interview that candidates do not need to be dealt any other stress. But, as some will explain, there is one unavoidable question that no one likes to answer: “Why were you fired from your previous job?” This is a very difficult discussion to have when trying to sell yourself to a new employer, but there is no way to avoid answering the question. Hopefully the tips outlined in today’s post will help you get a better grasp of how to discuss this difficult topic during a job interview.

Answer Honestly

The best thing you can do when asked this question is to answer honestly. If you have never been fired from a job, tell the employer it never happened. If it has happened, explain the circumstances that led to your dismissal. Tell the employer which company fired you, which manager at the company fired you and why you were let go from the organization. Make sure you are candid in your answer so it does not look like you are trying to avoid answering the question.

Explain What You Learned

Every experience in life is something we can learn from. With that being said, you must explain to the interviewer what it is you have learned from being fired. Go into as much depth as possible about why you were fired, what you learned from the adversity and how you will use what you have learned to your advantage at your next job. This will show the interviewer how dedicated you are to fixing the issue and what it is you will bring to the table at their company.

Always Talk Kindly of Former Employers

The worst thing you could do when asked this question is provide an answer that does nothing but berate and belittle your former manager or company. This will only give the interviewer the impression that you are not a team player, that you will do the same if let go from this job and that you might not have a good attitude while on the job. The best thing you can do is speak kindly of your former employer, despite your differences.

Explain How This Time Will be Different

Another good option for you during the interview is to tell the employer how this time will be different from the last. Tell the interviewer how you will prevent being fired in the future and what it is about you as an employee that has changed for the better. This shows the interviewer that you are not someone who is routinely fired.

Getting fired from a job is not only stressful when it occurs, but is difficult to explain at the next job interview. Should you need to explain such an instance, be sure to be honest, speak kindly about former employers and explain what you learned in order to impress the interviewer. Contact SmartTalent today to begin your search for a new job.

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