How to Make a Strong Impression at a Job Fair

Job fairs can be a great way to learn about new opportunities and connect with potential employers. However, they can also be crowded with candidates, so if you want to use the job fair as an effective networking opportunity, it’s important to go in prepared. To make a strong impression at a job fair, you should:

  • Research registered employers in advance: Often, there is a list provided in advance of which employers will attend the job fair. If you can obtain this list, you can do your research before attending. This will allow you to focus your attention on employers you are most interested in. You can also go in with some knowledge about the company, which should show the hiring manager you’re seriously interested.
  • Come prepared with your resume and portfolio: When you talk with hiring managers, you want to be prepared to show them why you’re the right candidate. Having your resume and your portfolio with you allows you to show off your credentials.
  • Dress for success: A job fair is not the time to dress in casual clothing, revealing clothing, untidy attire or clothing with controversial slogans. You want to dress in your best business casual clothing, so you look professionals and so a hiring manager can see you’d represent the company well if you were brought on board.
  • Have your elevator speech ready: You have just a few seconds to sell yourself to companies at job fairs. Have a brief “elevator” pitch ready to quickly explain your talents and abilities to those who might be interested in hiring you.

By preparing in advance and making a great impression, you can maximize the chances that a job fair will lead to career opportunities. Still, because job fairs don’t provide a lot of time for potential employers to get to know you, you may want to consider alternative approaches to your job search as well – like working with a recruiter.

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