Top Skills Employers Are Looking for Today

SmartTalent - Top Skills Employers are Looking For TodayAs you begin a new job search, or prepare to find a job upon graduation this spring, you need to know what skills employers are looking for the most today. If you have any of the skills outlined in this post, you should make every effort to highlight them in your resume, cover letter and job interview. Companies do not want to dig for information, especially what skills a candidate has. Make sure the employer knows your skills right off the bat.

Ability to Work in a Team

One of the most important skills employers look for today is the ability of a candidate to work as part of a team. Teamwork is vitally important because many employees will need to work with their co-workers in order to complete projects on time and with a high amount of quality. If the candidate cannot work as part of a team, they will have trouble getting along with co-workers during simple tasks and even during meetings. Teamwork is the backbone of many companies, which is why it is a vital skill needed today.

Strong Communication

Communication is another vital skill employers look for in candidates today. The ability to communicate, via phone, email, or in person is important to the success of the company. Candidates who do not make eye contact while in person, take too long to return a phone call, or do not contact superiors when asked, will find themselves in a lengthy job search. Communication must be present from the first job interview if the candidate wants to land the job.


Companies do not want to hire candidates who turn out to be unorganized. The idea of sifting through piles of paperwork in their office or on their desk to find important documents is scary. Employers want to ask an employee for a document and then receive it as soon as possible. Candidates who have a scattered resume or cover letter could be sending the employer a message that says, “I am an unorganized person.”

Ability to Prioritize

A candidate’s ability to prioritize is also important. They must be able to determine which tasks at the office are most important to the success of the company, and complete them first. Working on menial tasks when there are more important ones to complete could put the employee in a bad position with the company.

Know How to Lead

Companies are also looking for candidates who know how to lead today. It does not mean the candidate will be handed a management position upon being hired, but they should display leadership qualities. If this quality is displayed, it will make it easier for the company to promote from within.

If you are looking for a job today, make sure you have at least one of the skills mentioned in this post in order to make an impression with the employer. Contact SmartTalent today to begin your search for a new job.


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