Strategies to Successfully Onboard Temporary Workers

SmartTalent - Strategies to Successfully Onboard Temp EmployeesCompanies use temporary employees for all different reasons and in different volumes. For example, a company might need to bring in extra help because of a new, high-volume client. Or, the company might need help due to full-time employees retiring or going out on sick leave. Whatever the reason, the company will need to know the best practices for successfully onboarding temporary workers in order to make the transition seamless for everyone involved.

Training is Key

One of the most important things companies must do to successfully onboard temporary workers is to provide them with plenty of training. Do not hire the temporary worker and expect them to figure things out on their own. Instead, provide them with an orientation day and plenty of on-the-job training with experienced staff members who you trust. Training is important for the temporary worker to assimilate into your company’s daily activities and culture.

Inform Current Staff

Another important aspect of successfully onboarding temporary workers is to inform the current staff of the hires. Explain to them why temporary workers are being hired and how long they will be with the company. Explain to the full-time staff what the duties and responsibilities will be for the temporary workers, and what is expected of the full-time staff in terms of helping the new hires. Make sure the current staff knows that their jobs are not in jeopardy, but that the temporary workers are only there to help them.

Open Communication

There must be a line of open communication at all times, especially when you bring in temporary workers. They need to know who they should contact with questions, problems or other issues that might arise while working for your company. They also need to know what the chain of command is at the company, and who they will report to once hired. If they do not have anyone to talk to, or contact, then issues can crop up that might turn into major problems.

Paperwork That is Streamlined

The paperwork your temporary workers need to complete must be streamlined as much as possible so things are easy for them. You do not want to cause them any stress or issues, especially with paperwork, which is no one’s favorite thing to do. A streamlined process would allow the temporary worker to submit new-hire paperwork, projects and other documents all in one place.

Are you getting ready to hire temporary workers? If so, contact SmartTalent today to discuss steps to successful onboarding of those employees.


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