How to Make a Temporary Employee Feel Welcome in Your Company

SmartTalent - How to Make a Temporary Employee Feel Welcome in Your CompanyTemporary workers are the backbone of thousands of companies across the country. They help during peak seasons, when a full-time employee goes out on leave, and when there is a surprise uptick in volume at the company. Because of these reasons, it is essential to make temporary employees feel welcome in your company.

Have Their Desk Ready on Day One

Don’t let them arrive to work with simply a desk and a chair. The desk should be filled with office supplies and the phone should be connected. Make sure there is a welcome packet on the desk that has plenty of information in it that will allow the employee to succeed in their new job. If using a computer, make sure they have the login and passwords needed to get started right away. This shows the temporary employee they are important to the company.

Make the Proper Introductions

Introduce them to everyone who passes in the hallway while giving them a tour of the facility, even if that temporary employee will not be working with those they meet on the tour. When you introduce a temporary employee to other employees, it makes them feel welcome and part of the team. Introduce them to people they will work side-by-side with and those in other departments so they know where to go for help and for answers to any questions.

Explain the Company’s Culture

When temporary employees are made privy to the culture at the organization, they’ll know what to expect and how to act. Temporary workers, much like full-time employees, must know what the culture is like in order to succeed at what they have been assigned to complete. Knowing the culture from day one will help temporary employees adjust to their new employer and how others working there operate.

Provide Guidance

Assign the temporary employee a mentor to show them the ropes, answer all of their questions and help them complete projects. When you pair a temporary employee with a mentor, it will make their acclimation to your company much smoother. They will also feel like a valuable member of the team. The mentor should be someone who has at least five years’ experience at the company and someone you implicitly trust to do a good job helping the temporary employee.

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