Email Etiquette When Applying for a Temporary Job

SmartTalent- Email EtiquetteIt is common these days for companies to use the Internet when it comes to finding new employees. Human resource and hiring managers post open jobs online, encourage job seekers to submit applications online, and utilize social media to attract top talent. Because of this, you must know the etiquette associated with using email when applying for a temporary job.

Be Mindful of Your Tone

All emails should be respectful, and you must come across as approachable in them in order to impress the recipient. Make it a point to never be demanding when writing emails regarding temporary jobs. This includes demanding a reply within two weeks or that you receive a personalized reply that someone has read your email and will contact you soon. When you come across this way in an email to a potential employer, it tells the company that you will likely be demanding on the job.

Keep the Message Short

Short sentences, bullet points and lists should be included in the email, much like writing content for the Web. A couple of sentences should do the trick when writing an email for a temporary job, especially if you have attached a cover letter expressing your interest in the position. Keep the message short, sweet and to the point.

Write a Relevant Subject Line

The subject should simply state the name of the job or anything you were directed to write per the job description. If you are sending the email to a department address, put “Attention To” in the subject line with the person’s name who will review the email. Writing an email with a missing subject is a major no-no, and can be more damaging to your chances of landing the job than writing a misleading subject.

Always Proofread Emails Before Hitting Send

The email is acting as your application, so do not hit the send button until you or someone you trust has proofread it. Emails that contain spelling or grammar mistakes will typically be sent to an HR manager’s trash without a second thought. Mistakes are more common when typing out emails on mobile phones or tablets because they have smaller keyboards than regular computers or laptops.

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