Human Resources Tips for Showing Appreciation to Employees

SmartTalent - Employee AppreciationSmartTalent helps companies throughout Western Washington to build a solid workforce with great staff members. Once you have skilled workers on your team, you want to keep them there and you want to maintain motivation. This means making your workforce feel valued.

Human resources, managers, and other executives and business leaders can all work together to make staff members feel appreciated. Here are some tips ensuring your staff knows that your company recognizes and cares about the important role they play in business success:

  • Offer specific, focused praise. When employees do a particular job or task well, let them know. Specific praise tailored to their performance is a great motivator, while generic praise tends to be ignored or even undermine motivation when workers don’t believe their efforts are being recognized.
  • Ensure employees see they are valued by others. When clients or others in your company comment on a job well done, pass the compliment on to the employers who did the work. Praise from a direct manager is nice, but showing staff that their work is widely recognized can encourage extra pride among employees.
  • Offer challenges and opportunities for growth. Employees who do good work should be offered more opportunities to advance in their careers, if you want to keep them happy. Even if you aren’t ready to promote, offering staff new challenges keeps them from being bo red and helps them to benefit from learning new skills.
  • Ask their opinion and involve them in planning. Decisions made by top management affect the day-to-day work environment of staff members. When possible, get staff input into the decisions that are going to impact them. You may wind up with a better outcome and a more productive workforce, in addition to happier workers.
  • Assign tasks that draw upon their strengths. Every employee has certain tasks they do better than others. Assigning work tailored to each individual’s best areas means you get better work, and the employee feel their talents are being recognized.

By taking these basic steps, your staff should feel appreciated and you should benefit from workers who are loyal and committed to making your business a success. SmartTalent can help you to find qualified workers who are going to be a major asset to your business, and who will give you lots of opportunity for praise. Contact our Fife staffing agency today to get started on building a great workforce for your organization in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lynnwood, and throughout Western Washington.


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