How to Create a Job Search Strategy

SmartTalent - How to create a job search strategyLooking for a job is full-time work in and of itself. You need to explore opportunities, network, send out resumes, and follow up on past interviews and contacts. Getting everything done can be daunting, but you need to push forward and give the search process your all.  You’ll also want to develop an actual strategy to guide you through the job search process so you can be most effective.

How to Create a Job Search Strategy

Staffing professionals can provide you with invaluable assistance as you create a job search strategy, while an experienced staffing service can help to connect you with companies who are hiring.  To help you get started on developing your strategy, consider these three key tips for being effective when looking for work:

  • Outline and list your goals. Are you looking for a permanent position to advance your career or for seasonal work to make some extra cash? Be clear on what your goals are so you can narrow down opportunities quickly and so you can focus your search on the right type of work. You also need to be realistic in your goals. If you are just out of college, it is not likely you’ll walk right into an executive position.  Know what your qualifications are, and set your goals accordingly.
  • Develop a task list. Once you know what your goals are, develop a specific list of things you want to do each day, each week, and each month in order to help you to achieve job search success. You should include everything you want to do on the list – from doing an annual search of job listings in your area to going back to school for more training.  You can then prioritize the tasks and make sure you are completing each one in a timely manner so you move forward quickly in your job search.
  • Get help. A job search is not something that you should be doing alone. Networking is a key part of a successful job strategy. You may also want to reach out to staffing professionals, or look for a mentor in your field who can help you to develop an effective plan to achieve your career aims.

SmartTalent can help to make your job search easy by putting you in contact with companies hiring office and administrative staff; customer service and call center staff; marketing, accounting, banking, legal, technical, and finance professionals; skilled laborers; and professionals in a variety of other fields. If you are looking for a job in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, or surrounding areas, contact us now so we can get started.


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