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production-supervisor-smarttalent-2If you are a strong leader with manufacturing experience and good attention to detail, working as a production supervisor could be an ideal career path. Production supervisors have tremendous responsibility in making certain that quality products get made. Within this position, you will oversee manufacturing staff, inspire and motivate employees, and maintain order and control during the production process. You get to excel as a leader, build your resume and make valuable contributions to your company.

Finding a job as a production supervisor can be challenging, but there are staffing professionals who are ready to help you. SmartTalent works with companies looking for production supervisors, and there are hot jobs open now that our staffing professionals can help you to find within this field. You may be a good fit for work as a production supervisor if:

  • You are both self-motivated and a team player. A production supervisor is the one who is in charge of overseeing what the team is doing during the manufacturing process. While you need to be able to do what is needed to work well with others, you also need to hold yourself to high standards and keep yourself motivated to do your job right.
  • You have high emotional intelligence. You will need to develop strong relationships with the employees who work under you and make certain that you can keep these workers motivated and interested in their jobs. High levels of emotional intelligence are invaluable in accomplishing these goals. 
  • You have manufacturing knowledge. Production supervisors need to understand how the manufacturing process works so they can oversee the efforts of staff members. It is also important for production supervisors to be able to respond to issues that arise, handle basic troubleshooting and escalate appropriate issues to maintenance staff or engineers. 
  • You have good communication skills. Not only will you need to communicate your expectations clearly to staff, you will also need to provide essential information to other supervisors and production managers to make sure production issues are addressed and ensure continuity from one shift to the next.

Those who have the right skills can enjoy a rewarding and interesting career as a production supervisor while earning competitive pay. You just need to find the right hot jobs with companies looking for people like you. To learn more about the ways in which our staffing professionals can assist you in finding work as a production supervisor, contact SmartTalent today.

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