Hot Job: Legal Secretary

legal-gavelWorking as a legal secretary gives you a chance to work in a fast-paced and exciting environment where you can really make a difference. Legal secretaries can make a good living, do interesting work and provide important support services to attorneys and the clients those attorneys represent.

If you are looking for work as a legal secretary, there are openings available right now. If you think you are ready to take on this hot job, here are a few key things to know about the legal secretary profession:

  • Legal secretaries or legal assistants earn well above minimum wage. The median pay according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was $48,810 annually for legal assistants as of 2015. Legal secretaries had a median hourly salary of $23.47 per hour. While some jobs pay more and others pay less, legal secretaries usually benefit from good pay and often from generous benefits as well.
  • Demand for legal secretaries is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates around 8 percent growth for this profession. This means working as a legal secretary is likely to be a hot job for a long time to come, so you will always have opportunities to find interesting work.
  • You need the right qualifications. Legal secretaries generally have done some paralegal or legal studies at the college level, and may have earned a degree as a legal assistant. Some have work experience or a degree in a related field. With the right qualifications, you can be competitive in finding great positions.

If you think working as a legal secretary is the right choice for you, reach out to SmartTalent to find out about hot jobs available now in this field. With open positions you may be perfect for, you can get started on your new career path soon. Give us a call today to find out how our staffing service can help you and jumpstart your job search for a legal secretary job.

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