How Enthusiastic Should You Be During Your Next Interview

Too Enthusiastic on the Interview - SmartTalentA job interview is one of the most important parts of a successful job search, as the interview process is your chance to make sure that you impress the hiring manager and that you convince the interviewer that you are the right person for the open position.

One of the key things that employers will look for during the hiring process is enthusiasm of job candidates. Companies want to hire candidates who are really excited about coming aboard and working for them. So, when you are attending a job interview, how enthusiastic should you be? Follow these tips:

  • Be enthusiastic enough to make sure an employer knows you are actually excited about the opportunity. You want to show the employer that if you get the job, you will be a committed and passionate worker. Showing enthusiasm involves not only smiling and paying careful attention to questions, but also being prepared for the interview. Research the company, ask intelligent questions, and follow up after the interview to express your continued interest in the position.
  • Avoid signs you are bored or disinterested. If you are yawning; looking around the room; not paying attention or making eye contact; or are otherwise exhibiting signs that you are bored with the interview, the hiring manager is going to take this as a sign that you do not really want the job. Be careful of how you come across so you do not inadvertently jeopardize your chances through bad body language. 
  • Don’t go overboard with faked enthusiasm. While you want to be enthusiastic, you definitely do not want to seem you are faking enthusiasm, and you don’t want to be obnoxiously enthusiastic. You still want to maintain a professional demeanor at all times while showing excitement about the job opportunity you are being considered for.

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