3 Things to Do Before Work Every Morning to Make Yourself More Productive

Your alarm rings. Time to wake up. You yawn, stretch, and avoid the temptation to hit snooze. It’s time to get ready for the daily grind. But are you doing enough in the morning before work to make yourself productive throughout the day?

It’s a crucial question. The steps you take before work set up your entire day. A solid morning routine allows you to sustain your efforts through a grueling schedule.

With that in mind, here are three things to do before work every morning to make yourself more productive:


It’s a truth universally acknowledged: mornings stink. The first hour or two of each workday requires you to shake off the blahs and get yourself motivated for the rest of the day.

Science backs up this lived experience. Studies show that most workers need to ramp up to productivity. They start the day sluggish and reach peak effectiveness around 11 AM. Workers sustain this level for a few hours before an end-of-day sag.

What if you could jump-start this process? What if you could arrive at work already ready to leap into your tasks, bypassing the lead up to your 11 o’clock burst? That would buy you a couple of extra hours of top performance before getting sucked into the afternoon doldrums.

Exercise makes this possible. As such, don’t schedule all your workouts for after quitting time. Instead, start your day with some physical activity. By getting your body moving before your workday, you can show up with additional energy and motivation.

Eat Breakfast (And Plan Lunch)

Thinking is hard. It may seem like you’re just sitting at a desk, but cognitive activity actually burns a significant number of calories. Experts compute that your brain consumes 20% of your daily energy intake…despite only representing 2% of your total body weight.

As a result, good nutrition becomes the secret ingredient to high productivity. You’ve heard the old adage about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, right? Well, the idea has merit. Grabbing a healthy meal before work allows you to jump into the action.

Good nutrition goes beyond this, though. It’s important to plan out the rest of your meals as well. When you get into a groove, it’s all too easy to grab the fast-food option. But this can be deadly to your afternoon productivity.

Instead, decide what you will eat during the day. Pack healthy lunches and snacks. Try not to skip these important energy boosts. The added calories will help your brain function at its best.

Set Your Daily Goals

You want to make every day count. Going into each shift, figure out what you want to accomplish during your time at work. Create a checklist and invest the resources you need to make progress on these priorities.

Your list should consist of a mix of short-term and longer-term goals. Of course, you’ll have the routine tasks you need to complete. Every job has those repetitive chores that eat up most of your time.

However, don’t stop with these duties. If you only complete the basic requirements for the job, any position becomes an ongoing treadmill. One day repeats over and over again, and your career stays in one spot.

On top of these daily tasks, take steps toward longer-term objectives. This way, each day takes your professional development forward, even if only in a small degree.

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