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Are you good at negotiating deals and shopping for bargains? Do you enjoy comparing bids and prices, finding products that meet demand, and closing on a deal to buy? If you are skilled in these areas and you have the right background and experience, you may consider a job as a purchasing agent. Purchasing agents play a vital role in the success of companies in many different industries, as purchasing agents ensure that business organizations can affordably obtain goods and materials the business needs.

Finding work as a purchasing agent can sometimes be challenging, especially if you want to work for a company that truly values the specialized skills you bring to the table. A staffing service can help. SmartTalent knows of companies with hot jobs for purchasing agents that are available now, and we can help ensure you are considered for these great positions. You should work with our staffing service to explore the possibility of working as a purchasing agent because:

  • Purchasing agents can work closely with people to get deals done. As a purchasing agent, you will have the opportunity to solicit bids from different suppliers and work closely with different departments in your organization to understand their procurement needs. You will also be closing deals for products and presenting cost analysis to executives within your organization. If you like working with people, work as a purchasing agent gives you the chance to connect with individuals both inside and outside of your organization.
  • Purchasing agents can utilize a wide variety of soft and hard skills. Purchasing agents must read and interpret blueprints and other documents to establish purchase specifications. They must communicate purchasing plans to both company executives and suppliers. They must solicit bids; monitor prices; calculate discounts and percentages; and speak effectively with others. Because you are utilizing a diverse array of skills, you can build your resume and will never be bored at work.
  • Purchasing agents play an integral role in business operations across different industries. Companies across many different fields require purchasing agents to play a key role in managing their supply chain and meeting productivity goals. You will have lots of career opportunities to work in a field that interests you if you are a successful purchasing agent.

You can find hot jobs as a purchasing agent which will allow you to take a positive next step in your career. A staffing service will help you to find the right position. Contact SmartTalent today to learn more about open positions for skilled purchasing agents where you can achieve career success.

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