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Seattle Employment Outlook: Trainers and Staffing Development

SmartTalent - Staff DevelopmentAs a leading employment agency in the Greater Seattle area, we consult with some of the area’s top employers and most talented job seekers. As part of our efforts, we take a close look at local employment trends and outlooks. In this post, we take a closer look at the local demand for trainers and staff development professionals in Seattle, Kirkland and beyond.

Talent development consultants are classified as training and development specialists by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS reports that consultants whose job it is to develop and train top talent can find work in a wide range of positions and industries, from work in government to work in businesses, healthcare, or education.

Workers within the field of talent development have a mean hourly wage of $29.58 and a mean annual wage of more than $61,530, which is significantly above the national average. 

Working as a Talent Development Consultant or Trainer

Talent development consultants and trainers play an essential role within organizations, because they help other staff and team members to make the most of their full potential. The main job of a talent development consultant is to motivate, engage, and educate others. Some of the specific job duties involved in fulfilling this important task include:

  • Working with management teams to identify current training gaps.
  • Leading and overseeing the training of new hires, seasonal hires, and other workers.
  • Developing companywide compliance with training protocols and delivering companywide training to ensure protocols and procedures are followed.
  • Creating and overseeing annual staff training plans, and developing and implementing standard operating procedures.

Talent development consultants need experience in the training and development field, as well as management experience. Public speaking is an essential part of the job, and good interpersonal communication skills are one of the keys to success.

Find Work in Seattle, Renton and Beyond 

Whether you’re interesting in working as a trainer or you have other career skills, SmartTalent can help. We offer a wide-array of great jobs in Seattle, Renton and beyond.

While you can always search our current job openings, please keep in mind that positions can change daily. Be sure to check back frequently and sign-up for our job alerts to be notified of positions that match your skills and interests.


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