Building Employee Trust – Stop Micromanaging


According to the Society for Human Resource Management, trust between workers and managers is one of six key criteria impacting job satisfaction. A full 64 percent of surveyed workers said trust was very important in impacting their feelings about their job.

Since trust matters so much, you must make certain that you build a corporate culture promoting trust. Ensuring that your employees feel you are confident in their abilities will help to boost employee motivation and productivity and can help you to reduce turnover.

The key question, though, is how can you build trust? One of the best ways to do so is to stop micromanaging. When you swear off of an overly hands-on approach, you can boost employee trust and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Employees will be more empowered and more invested in the company’s success. An employee who is constantly being micromanaged is usually going to do the minimum that is asked of him out of frustration or worry about drawing the ire of the meddling manager. If you step back and give workers the chance to excel on their own, they’re much more likely to want to do a good job and show off their skills. 
  • Employees may find more creative and innovative solutions. A micromanager who is constantly telling employees what to do at every step is going to miss out on the chance to benefit from the brain power an employee brings to the table. Employees who are given freedom and flexibility are likely to find new ways to do their job better. You want someone who can think outside of the box and bring his unique perspective to a position… you don’t want an automaton that does everything a micromanaging manager says.
  • Employees will be happier and less likely to look for other work. A micromanaged employee is an unhappy employee. Unhappy employees tend to look for other positions where they won’t have to deal with a supervisor looking over their shoulder and watching every move.

SmartTalent can help you to build a great team so you can trust your staff and won’t feel the need to micromanage. With the right people working for you, you can take a more hands-off approach and build a job environment where your staff feels trusted and respected. To find out more about how we can help your company in hiring great staff members in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas, give our staffing service a call today.builiding-employee-trust-stop-micromanaging

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