What Makes an Employee Successful?

SmartTalent - Successful EmployeeYour business wants to hire employees who will be successful and help your company thrive. This is easier said than done. In order to hire qualified staff members who will be assets to your organization, you need to define the skills and abilities which will ensure success. To do this, know what your goals are for the position, identify what type of person you want to fill it, and craft a great job description that attracts the kind of job candidates you are looking for.

To help you identify the right skills and write great job descriptions your company should:

  • Consider both soft and hard skills. Open jobs with your company may require hard skills, including technical knowledge. Include a list of these skills in any job description, along with details about necessary certifications or experience. However, you’ll also want soft skills – like teamwork, leadership and communication skills ­– that are also necessary. Think about what a typical day and week will be like for the person holding a particular position and make a list of both soft and hard skills which will be necessary for each job task. 
  • Think about the corporate culture. Knowledge and technical ability are necessary, but not sufficient for an employee to succeed. You also need to find a job candidate who will be a good fit with your existing employees and within the corporate culture you’ve created. Consider your current and past staff. Who has worked out well and what traits did they have? What traits don’t you want your job candidates to have? 
  • Turn to staffing professionals. Staffing professionals are skilled at writing job descriptions that attract the right types of candidates. Provide the essential information on desired skills and let the staffing service craft a job description that will be effective at attracting qualified workers.

A staffing service has extensive experience with placing qualified candidates with companies where they excel. Professionals with staffing experience can help companies to identify skills that are necessary for success and can write detailed job descriptions highlighting the essential skills.

SmartTalent has provided this service to clients in Kirkland, Lynwood, Renton, and surrounding areas, and we can help your business with job descriptions and all other aspects of the hiring process. Contact us today to learn more.


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