Are You Losing Great Candidates to Other Offers?

The hiring process can be a challenge for companies who want to attract and hire top job candidates.  Going through the effort of interviewing employees and finding a candidate you want to hire can be very time-consuming. It’s also a major waste of time if you narrow down your list of candidates and find those who you most want to hire have already taken positions elsewhere.

If your company is losing great job candidates to competitors, you need to evaluate the problems in your hiring process that are driving away talent. Some of the issues that may be making it harder for your business to get a yes to a job offer include:

  • A slow hiring process. Most people looking for jobs are eager to get to work. If you drag your feet for weeks or months, qualified job candidates are unlikely to wait around in the hopes that your company eventually makes an offer. If a competitor is faster in the hiring process and asks candidates to come on board before you get a chance to do so, you’re going to lose the opportunity to hire the person you want. 
  • A lack of communication with candidates. Job candidates can give up on a position if they don’t hear back from hiring managers, and if they don’t know whether they are still in the running for the job. If you communicate regularly with a person you are still considering for a position, that job seeker is more likely to be willing to wait for an offer … or at least reach out and give you a chance to hire them before they accept at a different company. 
  • A failure to showcase a positive company culture. If you find yourself having a hard time hiring any job candidates, your interview process may be making your company look like an unattractive place to work. Be careful about what you’re telling job seekers and the impression you are conveying to make sure you aren’t making your business out to be an undesirable employer.

SmartTalent can help your company with its hiring process so you can make certain you are not losing great job candidates to your competitors. To find out how our staffing professionals assist your company in making successful job officers to top job candidates in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas, give us a call today.

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