How LinkedIn Can Set Your Company Apart as a Top Employer?

Top Employer - SmartTalentDuring the hiring process, you want to find the most qualified candidates possible who are going to be a positive addition to your company. Your employer reputation matters as you look for candidates, because top people in any industry often have a choice about where to work. If you don’t have a strong online presence and your business has not established itself as an industry leader, growing enterprise or good place to work, you may find yourself having a hard time attracting the best candidates.

The good news is you can use LinkedIn to set your company apart and establish your business as a top employer. Some of the different ways you can boost your employer reputation include:

  • Establishing an online presence on LinkedIn. When you create a LinkedIn profile, you can describe your company and make sure your profile portrays your business as forward-thinking and committed to growth. When potential employees search for your business, they’ll find your LinkedIn information and be able to learn about your company based on the information you provide.
  • Sharing content and demonstrating your expertise. Company thought-leaders can join groups, start discussions, and otherwise use LinkedIn to create content and share insight. This will help your company get attention and make more connections with potential job seekers. Those who visit LinkedIn will also see all your company has contributed and will feel more confident that your business is an industry leader. 
  • Making connections. LinkedIn is about professional networking. You can make connections with qualified candidates and other leaders within in your industry. When you have a wider network, you have a bigger tool of talent to tap when you need to hire.

If you are involved in the hiring process and you want to find the very best candidates for the positions you are trying to fill, SmartTalent can help. Our staffing service provides comprehensive assistance with the hiring process to businesses in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lynnwood, Lacey and surrounding locales. Give us a call today to learn about the ways we can assist with setting your company apart and attracting top talent.

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