Hot Job: Quality Control Technician

Companies depend upon quality control technicians to protect their business brand. A company is only as good as the products it puts out. It is the job of a quality control technician to ensure that every product meets the exacting standards of the business.

Working as a quality control technician is a great profession for a detail-oriented person with the right background, skills and abilities. You may wish to consider a job as a quality control technician if:

  • You are interested in testing and inspecting products. Quality control technicians have an active oversight role during all phases of product development. It will be up to the quality control technician to develop protocols and carry out testing processes to ensure the products being produced meet or exceed minimum standards. Your job may involve doing all sorts of testing, from testing torsion to measuring acid/base chemistry.
  • You are skilled at preparing reports and making recommendations. It is imperative a quality control technician is able to produce reports of deviation from acceptable standards and the technician is able to develop a plan of action when corrective measures need to be taken. If you do this job, you should be able to look at the big picture to effectively conduct process audits and make recommended improvements in the manufacturing process.
  • You want to work with department heads to improve production. Working closely with department heads, you will have the power to implement positive changes that facilitate the efficient production of high-quality products. Communicating effectively and working collaboratively are essential to maintaining the highest quality control standards so the efforts of a quality control technician can help build a company’s reputation for reliability.

If you have a background in understanding business procedures, preparing reports and manuals, working with mathematical concepts and problem solving, you could be a great candidate to fill open jobs as a quality control technician. Let SmartTalent help you jumpstart your career in this profession. Give our staffing service a call today to find out how we can help you to find work you’ll love.

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