Four Tips to Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

Using LinkedIn can help you with your job search and make it easier for you to build professional networks. Unfortunately, many job seekers do not use LinkedIn to its fullest potential. One area where many candidates fall short involves not regularly updating and refreshing profiles.

Your LinkedIn profile is a chance to introduce yourself to the world and get noticed. You can make your profile look new and create a profile that helps increase your chances of getting hired by following these four simple tips:

  • Make sure your experience is up-to-date. If you have new temp jobs to add to your resume; if you have learned new skills; or if you have any new professional accomplishments, be sure you have all of this new info on LinkedIn.
  • Put up a new professional profile picture. Putting up a good picture allows you to connect more deeply with your online network by putting a face to a profile. Your picture is a reflection of you and is another way to stand out to companies who are hiring. You want to show off your best self by dressing professionally and smiling.
  • Check for new connections. You should always be adding people to your network so you can expand your pool of contacts. If you meet new people in your industry or make new connections by joining groups online, be sure to add your new contacts to your LinkedIn network.
  • Update to a new and catchy heading for the new year. If your heading is just a description of your job title, you’re not telling people very much about you. Instead of just another boring and non-descriptive headline, consider a heading that announces your career goals (such as “looking for a job”) or helps you to establish a personal brand.

By refreshing your LinkedIn profile, you can enhance your online networking efforts significantly. Remember, there is no substitute for real-world networking in your area with those who can help you find a job.

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